PME Modelling Tools - Bulbous Cone Tool


SKU: PA100120

Modelling Tools - Bulbous Cone Tool

This double ended tool is manufactured by PME sugarcraft. It is a single tool with 2 different ends. One end has a bulbous cone and the other a straight tool with rounded end.

This is a genuine tool from PME and is made of high quality, food safe materials.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The main use for this double ended tool is for sugar flower making and frills.

This Bulbous Cone end makes beautiful Garrett frills or for frilling flowers particularly the trumpet shaped ones such as daffodils,azalia etc as the pointed end allows frilling without widening the trumpet. The large smooth shape of the bulbous cone gives smooth frills without the marks that you sometimes get with smaller frilling sticks.

The other end allows you to make deep tubular openings in flowers such as Nicotiana, violets, foxgloves and other tubular flowers. It can also be used when modelling large sugar figures for making an insert which you can add the ears, arms etc to. By using this method your figures are less likely to lose their extremities!

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