PME Blossom Plunger Cutters Set of 3


SKU: PA100129

Blossom Plunger Cutters Set of 3

The 3 Metal Blossom plunger cutters measure approximately 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm.

The cutters come in a storage box, and have a sponge pad to enable you to dry and shape your sugarcraft blossoms easily.

Create beautiful sugar flowers for your floral displays and celebration cakes with this specially designed plunger cutter. They're fab and really easy to use! Perfect for filler blossoms in wired sugar displays or for putting onto cupcakes or cakes.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Roll out your paste, cut the flower shape without pressing the plunger. Lift from the board and press down the plunger ejecting the shape onto the soft foam pad. This will give a curved shape to your blossom. To give an even better finish for a realistic flower smooth the edges with the PME ball tool or Dogbone tool and leave to dry. Finish with a piped dot in the centre.

When using with a spray of flowers dip a small stamen into edible glue and thread through the centre of the blossom. Pull the stamen to bed into the paste and leave to dry before wiring into sprays.

PME Sugar Craft England, producer of fine cake decorating tools.
They also produce some other great plunger cutters which you can also buy on our site!

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