PME 16 Inch (41cm) Non-Stick Rolling Pin




16 Inch (41cm) Non-Stick Rolling Pin

This PME large rolling pin is brilliant for Sugarcraft and modelling. It's very easy to use and measures 16 inches/40.64cm. Made from very high quality Polypropylene, this rolling pin is manufactured by PME and comes with full instructions listed on the back of the packaging.

Although not cheap this is definitely worth the investment - I have had mine for over 15 years and it still goes on and on! You can certainly tell the difference between this and cheaper pins.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The non-stick ability makes it perfect for use with Sugarpaste , Mexican Paste (MMP), Flower paste(SFP), Marzipan, Pastries & Dough, especially when working with large quantities.

Using this rolling pin enables you to minimise the use of dusting materials e.g. icing Sugar, cornflour and flour helping to create a professional finish to all your decorated cakes and pastries.

A handy tool for any cake decorators collection!

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