Patchwork Cutters



Family Silhouette Set

This great set of silhouette cutters is from Marion Frost at Patchwork Cutters. It is a versatile and pretty set of cutters for decorating celebration cakes for many occasions. Great for christening and new baby cakes. It includes a variety of family figures from a small baby through family life and pregnancy to an elderly couple.

The woman lifting the baby cutter is 9.5cm high

How to Use the Family Silhouette Set

As with all Patchwork cutters this is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. The set is primarily designed to cut silhouette shapes from black sugarpaste. However it can also be used to emboss directly onto the cake and then infill with paint for a flat finish. 

If using a firm paste such as modelling paste or flower paste these cutters can also be used to create free standing cake top decorations. For this we would recommend  modelling paste which you can make yourself or can buy either as a ready to mix powder or as ready to use paste.