Patchwork Cutters Alphabet LARGE Lower Case

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Alphabet Large Lower Case Cutters

This Large Alphabet Lower Case set from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range makes writing your inscriptions so much easier. It is designed to go with the Large Alphabet & Key set of capital letters.

The set contains the 26 letters from a - z and ampersand(&)in lower case.

Measurements: approximately 18mm in height per letter.


How to Use the Large Alphabet Cutters

Because the letters are set in an Easy-Twist frame this range has the advantage that each letter can be used independently of the others making them far more flexible in their usage. Not only can they be used to cut paste in the shape of your inscription but can be pressed directly into the paste. The resulting embossed shape can then be painted directly on the cake making it a fast and effective method of inscription.

The cutters are on two strips and and the letters can be twisted out when required.

These cutters are made from food safe plastic

They also come with detailed instructions for extra help!