Food colour Paints are available from Rainbow Dust Colours and Sugarflair Colours. Each supplier has a wide range of colours.

What Are Food Colour Paints for? 

As you would expect Food Colour Paints are designed to be painted onto cakes and other sugar products. Some paints (notably the liquid colours) can be used in an airbrush. All the paints can be used with a brush or a sponge if you want to add an all over colour to your work with the least mess.

The Rainbow Dust natural sponge is perfect for applying the paints whether as an all over coat or when using with stencils as it gives a more even application.

Applying paint with a sponge

To use the sponge tip some paint into a palette and dip the sponge in. Squeeze out the excess then dab quickly and evenly over the surface of your cake. You will probably need a second coat to give a slid cover to a large area so make sure you leave the first coat to dry before applying the second to prevent streaks and the first coat 'lifting' and smearing.

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