ORCHARD PRODUCTS Rolling Pin and Board Set

Orchard Products

SKU: PA103479

OP Rolling Pin and Board Set

This non-stick board and rolling pin set from Orchard Products is manufactured from high quality food safe materials. The set contains a non-stick board, rolling pin and a non slip mat.

The non-stick board is green and measures 9" x 6" (22.5cm x 150cm). On one side the board has 4 variable grooves cut into the surface to make it easy to make leaves as the grooves give the vein to the leaf allowing easy insertion of wires when making sugar flower displays. There are also 2 holes for making flowers by the 'Mexican Hat' method. The other side of the board is plain and flat.

The rolling pin is also non-stick and measures 200mm x 25mm (approx. 8" x 1").

There is also a non slip mat included to stop your board from slipping when rolling out your paste.

Instructions and Tips for Use

Place the board onto the non slip mat. 

To make leaves roll your paste over the grooved part of the board. Make sure it is nice and thin to make delicate leaves. Cut the leaf shape you want. The bottom of the leaf should be towards the edge of the board with the groove running up the centre towards the tip. Once cut remove from the board and insert a glued wire into the centre vein formed by the groove in the board. Thin the edges and leave to dry before colouring.

For Mexican hat flowers roll the paste over the holes and cut out your flower shape with the hole in the centre of the cutter. This will give a thick back to your flowers but will still leave the petals thin and fine. You can then shape the flower as required and insert a wire into the thickened back.

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