Orchard Products Medium Calyx Cutters R13a and R15 - Set of 2

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Medium Calyx Cutters R13a and R15 - Set of 2

The R13A and R15 Calyx cutters are manufactured by Orchard Products. They are perfect for a Rose Calyx but can also be used for many other flower backs.

They can be cut out either flat or by using the 'Mexican Hat' technique for a more realistic appearance. They can also be used to make Fantasy Flowers or quick Lilies or Syephanotis. Perfect for filler flowers in your sugar flower sprays.

R13A Measures: 24mm
R11 Measures: 19mm  

Instructions and Tips for Use

They can be used with both the 5 petal flower cutter and the single rose petals to complete beautiful sugar roses. In my experience these cutters work best when used with the 5 petal flower cutter F9, but it depends how much emphasis you want to put on the calyx. You could also use it with the F8 or F10 cutters.

All Orchard Products cutters cut cleanly without the need for 'scrubbing' on the board. They are non-stick and keep their shape and will not lose shape even in the dishwasher or in boiling water. They are easily cleaned and meet EEC regulations for food contact. They do not corrode and with the small handle on the back are comfortable to hold and easy to use. Great value for money.