Orchard Products Endless Garrett Frill EGF5, EGF6, EGF7

Orchard Products

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Endless Garrett Frill EGF5, EGF6, EGF7

This Orchard Products Endless Garret Frill cutter set will make different sized frills for your cake.

The main cutter has a scalloped edge and has holes which enable you to position the blade cutters to achieve the depth of frill you require. There is no end cut which means you can cut a frill as long as you require by cut one frill moving the cutter and positioning it carefully at the end and then cutting again - this can be repeated as many times as you need - hense the 'endless' description! Really handy when you have a large area to cover.

Approximate measurements are:

EGF5 - 130mm long with 1mm scalloped edge

EGF6 - a straight edge attachment

EGF7 - a 2mm scalloped edge

The attachments clip onto the main cutter allowing you make Wide, Medium and Narrow strips of Garrett Frill with different edges.


Instructions and Tips for Use

These fantastic cutters from Orchard are very versatile and simple to use.
Lightly dust your surface with cornstarch (cornflour) and roll out Mexican paste so thinly that you can almost see through it. Sugarpaste may also be used but the frill will hold its shape much better if you add Gum Tragacanth, our suggested ratio is 5ml (1 teaspoon) to every 250g (8oz) of sugarpaste.
Choose your frill thickness by clicking the blades into the holes at the required size. Then simply push the cutter down firmly onto the paste ensuring that you press all areas of the cutter.Lift the cutter and re-position in line with the first cut and cut again. Repeat until your frill is as long as you need.

Use a cocktail stick or one of our PME tools, such as the Ball or Dog Bone Tool and apply gentle pressure and a sideways rolling action to create a frilled edge to the paste. Frill a section at a time and keep shifting the paste to stop it from sticking until you have frilled the legnth of the frill.

Lift the cut shapes with a palette knife and fix in position with a little Squires Edible Glue.

A second frill may also be added to sit just above the first one.
You can hide the join between the frill and the cake with indents made using the smaller end of the PME Ball Tool, a crimper or piped royal icing dots.

The paste can be coloured before cutting out using Sugarflair Food Colouring Paste, painted or dusted with Sugarflair Blossom or Lustre colours.

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