Holly Products Fairy Head Mould - Set of 4

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Fairy Head Mould - Set of 4

Holly Products collection of 'people' moulds are made of a hard resin with a non-stick surface. They have detailed features and the non-stick surface makes removal very easy.

This Fairy Head Mould is one product with faces in 4 sizes.
Large - 1.75cm
Medium - 1.5cm
Small - 1cm
Tiny - 0.75cm and comes with full body making instructions.

The clear rounded features of this mould go down to the tiniest size providing an impish face suitable for elves and fairies.

It includes FULL instructions and templates.


Instructions and Tips for Use

As well as being great for using with sugarpastes and gum pastes such as Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) or Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) for sugarcraft modelling Holly Products moulds can also be used with various modelling mediums including Artista, Modena Cold Porcelain (Artista Soft Distributors), Sculpey, Fimo, and other modelling clays (The models produced using these media are for decorative purposes only)

All the head moulds are one part moulds, giving detailed features and allowing you to mould a rounded back.

This can be done with edible paste for sugar modelling where the model will be eaten. For models which are not for consumption you can insert a paper or foam modelling ball into the centre. This makes it cheaper on your modelling medium and also makes the finished model much lighter and therefore easier to use.

The moulds can be cleaned by washing in warm soapy water and are also dishwasher safe.