FMM Bead Cutters - Number 2




FMM Bead Cutter 2 

The FMM BEAD CUTTER NUMBER TWO is a great cutter/ mould for making sugar beads and pearls. It's folding design means you can quickly and simply make strings of beads for cake side decorations or loads of different modelling projects.

Simply roll a 'sausage' of modelling paste and press into the mould. Fold the top over and press down. Cut away excess paste. Repeat until there is no more excess paste and then remove from the cutter. Use edible glue to fix as required. See the video below for detailed tutorial.

To help prevent the paste from sticking the cutter can be dusted with a little cornflour or if a lustre finish is required dust with lustre powder.

The FMM Bead Cutter Number 2 Creates a string of beads Measuring approximately 4mm.

Comes in retail packaging with instructions.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Simply roll your icing or modelling paste (we recommend Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) for creating sugar models) onto a non-stick board and press in the cutter.

Wash in warm water.

FMM Bead Cutter Instructional Video;