FMM The Easiest Ranunculus Cutter Ever!




The Easiest Ranunculus Cutter Ever!

The Easiest Ranunculus Cutter Ever from FMM is sold with two sizes of Ranunculus cutter. As with the Easiest Rose and Smaller Easiest Rose cutters, Easiest Carnation cutter and Easiest Peony cutter this Easiest Ranunculus cutter uses an unique technique to create beautiful flowers quickly and easily.

This is a unique and fantastic cutter for quickly making fantastic Ranunculus flowers.

Ranunculi are very popular in wedding bouquets but as they are toxic you should not use the fresh flowers on your cakes so if you want to match the bride's bouquet this Easiest Ranunculus cutter from FMM means that making sugar flowers are so much easier than the more traditional wired sugar flowers.

Instructions and Tips for Use

We would recommend a mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste when using this cutter to ensure your paste is pliable but still dries firm.

This cutter comes with full instructions on the rear of the packet. For reference please see the second picture on this listing.

We also sell the tools required to use along side this cutter.

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