Katy Sue Moulds - Blackberry and Oak Leaves

Katy Sue



Katy Sue Moulds - Blackberry and Oak Leaves

The Blackberry and Oak Leaves mould is part of the Nicolas Lodge collection. 

Total Mould Size: 105mm x 105mm

Large leaf 60mm x 35mm

Instructions and Tips for Use

Wash and dry moulds well before use and lightly dust with corn flour to ease release. Keeping mould on a flat firm surface, push in a smooth ball of paste. Press paste evenly and firmly into mould without overfilling. Use a rolling pin and even pressure to ensure all areas are full and the base is flat. Cut away any excess paste from the edges being careful not to cut into the mould. Turnover mould and release paste embellishment gently onto a clean surface.

The moulds can be made in a base colour and then painted using food colours - either paste, liquid - or for a lovely sheen use lustre colours with isopropyl alcohol.

If using a pouring medium such as chocolate or candy fill the mould with the melted mixture and tap lightly to remove air bubbles, scrape excess from the back of the mould and leave to set. Turn out onto a clean dry surface by gently flexing the mould.



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