JEM Textured Rolling Pin - Bubble Effect


SKU: PA101811

Textured Rolling Pin - Bubble Effect

This fantastic high quality Textured Rolling Pin from Jem Products gives an all-over BUBBLE effect texture pattern to your sugar pastes (of course it is also great for other crafts too!).

As well as the Bubble roller there are other fabulous textured pins to choose from including Rice, Daisy, Scroll or Christmas Holly Effect! 

Measurements are approximately 195mm in length and 20mm depth.

It is made from food safe acrylic.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Brilliant for making patterns on icing either Sugarpaste or modelling paste. Create textured clothes or blanket effects out of icing. Lovely detail when used on circles of paste for cupcakes.

For the best effect roll your icing out with a plain rolling pin first until it is an even thickness and a little thicker that you need. Then roll firmly over with the textured pin in one smooth and even pass making sure to press down firmly and evenly. Once it is marked to your satisfaction you can lift onto your cake or cut out circles or other shapes for cupcakes and cookies.

I love these pins for the sugarpaste covering cakeboards. I roll out the paste and stick to the board with a little alcohol or edible glue then roll over with the textured pin. Leave to crust over and then place your covered cake on the top. A ribbon or piping round the sides masks the join and it looks really funky and fab!

JEM is a highly recommended manufacturer that produce some magnificent products.

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