JEM Lacy Butterfly Cupcake Topper Cutter - Set of 4




Lacy Butterfly Cupcake Topper Cutter - Set of 4

This beautiful LACY BUTTERFLY Cutter Set from JEM consists of 4 different cutters to make delicate lace butterflies. Perfect for cakes and beautiful on cupcakes!

Measurements are approximately 45mm, 45mm, 47mm and 42mm from tip to tip, and each butterfly has a different design.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The butterfly cutters can be used in several ways.

1. Simply stick flat onto the sides of cakes.

2. Cut the butterfly as a solid shape - For this you need to press firmly round the outside of the cutter but keep the paste thick enough that the internal lines emboss into the wing shapes. This will give you natural looking butterflies which can be painted like real ones or can be simply dusted with lustre colour for an all-over delicate shade. By brushing from the edge to the centre you can also achieve a nice shading to your lustre!

3. For the very delicate filigree butterflies you need to roll your paste very thinly This is best done on a slightly greased board (Trex is best!) Press firmly all over the cutter so that the internal lines cut through the paste and then flick off the cutter leaving the paste on the board. Remove all the excess with a scriber tool and then carefully lift off the butterfly shapes to dry.

4. If you are feeling adventurous why not dip a fine wire in edible glue and attach to the body of the butterfly. Once dry you can arrange them into your sugar flower sprays or simply into a posy pick in the top of your cake for a flight of delicate butterflies!

If you want the butterflies to dry in a natural shape you need to place them on a V shape former - I use cereal packet card folded to make this.

Once dry you can fix to your cake with a little icing - royal icing is good but if you do not have any mix a tiny piece of sugarpaste with some edible glue to make a paste and then use this to stick.

The product comes with detailed easy to follow instructions.

The best paste to use for these shapes is Mexican Modelling Paste which you can buy ready made from Squires Kitchen or you can make it yourself. This is firmer to work with and rolls out much more finely than ordinary sugarpaste so is less likely to stick in the cutters.

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