JEM Fabric and Floral Textured Rolling Pins - Set of 2




Fabric and Floral Textured Rolling Pins

This fantastic set of 2 Textured Rolling Pins from Jem Products gives an all-over texture pattern to your sugar pastes (of course it is also great for other crafts too!).

One of the rolling pins has a soft flowing texture perfect for drapes and fabrics giving a natural feel to clothing on sugarpaste model as well as for drapes and frills on cakes.

The second rolling pin has a pretty floral texture. Lovely for clothes or for accents on cakes and cupcakes.

Each roller measures approximately 160mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Brilliant for making patterns on icing either Sugarpaste or modelling paste. Create textured clothes or blanket effects out of icing. Lovely detail when used on circles of paste for cupcakes (cut the circle after texturing to prevent distortion!)

At this price you can even get a set for the kids to use with their Playdough!

For the best effect roll your icing out with a plain rolling pin first until it is an even thickness and a little thicker that you need. Then roll firmly over with the textured pin in one smooth and even pass making sure to press down firmly and evenly. Once it is marked to your satisfaction you can lift onto your cake or cut out circles or other shapes for cupcakes and cookies.

My favourite use for these is to make fabric drapes for cakes. If you roll out a small rectangle of paste thinly and mark with the texture of your choice you can fold it lengthwise and drape on the side of the cake. Make about 4-6 (depending on your cake size) to go around the cake. You can cut out small bows to fix where the drapes join. This gives a very elegant finish to celebration cakes of all types.