Hardboards are strong boards suitable for all types of cakes. Firm enough to hold fruit cakes, these boards are made of 4mm thick hardboard covered in food safe foil.  They are available as square and  round boards in silver and Christmas patterned foil.

What Size Board Do I Need?

 This depends on the decoration that you intend to add to your cake but as a general rule you need to have a board 2 - 3" larger than your cake. If you have overhanging decorations such as sprays of sugar flower you may be better with a bigger board still. Novelty cakes of course have different rules and it will depend on the decorations you want to add to your board as to the finished size you will need. 

For a 3 tier wedding cake which measures 6", 8" and 10" I would generally use boards measuring 8", 10" and 13". The bottom board is slightly bigger to give 'weight' to the balance of the cake but also because a lot of the overhanging decoration may be on the bottom tier and the larger board will offer more protection when the cake is boxed.

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