Great Impressions Flower Petal Veiners

Create realistic sugar flowers with these fabulous double petal veiners from Great Impressions. Made from high quality silicone Great Impressions veiners are the best that money can buy for realistic sugar petals and leaves. Create all sorts of fabulous flowers and sprays. The veiners can also be used with other edible and non-edible modelling pastes.

To use the veiners roll out your flower paste very finely on a non stick board and cut out the petal. Lift from the board and place on one half of the matching veiner. Place the other half carefully on top so all surfaces match up exactly and press down firmly. Remove the leaf from the veiner and if you want to give more curling to the edges of the petal place it on a foam modelling pad before using a ball tool or dogbone tool to soften the edges further.

If you want to wire your petal leave a slightly thicker ridge when you roll out the paste and insert a glued wire into this before veining. Take care not to press too hard over this ridge to ensure the wire stays within the paste.

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