Sugarflair - Edible Decorative Shapes - Metallic Gold Stars



Sugarflair Metallic Gold Stars 

This 100% edible sprinkle in the shape of gold metallic stars will add sparkle and glamour to all your products. Whether you are making biscuits or chocolates, cupcakes or wedding cakes this wonderful confetti will put on the glitz.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Just sprinkle over, or if you prefer a more definate pattern the shapes can be fixed in place by applying with a very slightly dampened brush, to give stunning results.

You can even add them to champagne or other drinks for sparkling toasts although because they do slowly dissolve in water they should be added at the last minute to get the full effect.



HPMC E464, Propylene Glycol E1520, E155, E171, E172

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