FMM Fuchsia Cutters Set


SKU: PA100066

Fuchsia Cutters Set From FMM

This set of Fuchsia cutters from FMM Sugarcraft consists of cutters which make the inner and outer layers of petals on a Fuchsia flower. Each consists of 4 petals in one cutter.

The cutters measure approximately 45mm and 65mm.

Supplied in blister pack with full instructions.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Clean carefully before use using warm water. For best results we recommend using Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) or Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) on a non-stick board such as a Cel Board.

Roll out your paste thinly on a non-stick board. Holding the sides of the cutter, place onto your paste & press firmly. Lift up the cutter and use a palette knife to lift your petal. Cut one of each petal per flower.

To make a Fuchsia Flower you need to make tape stamen to floristry wire. Cut out the smaller shape and thread down the wire to form the 'skirt' of the Fuchsia, overlapping the petals around the central stamen. Then repeat with the outer pointed petals.

Thin and frill the petal edges on a CelPad or similar foam pad using a ball or dog bone tool for a more realistic effect.

To complete the flower dust with petal dusts and add a small blob to make the calyx.

More detailed instructions are included.


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