FMM Exotic Lily Cutters Set




Exotic Lily Cutters Set From FMM

This EXOTIC LILY CUTTER & FORMER SET from FMM Sugarcraft consists of 5 pieces. It will make the trumpet shaped Lilies so fashionable in bridal arrangements notably the Longiflorum Lilies - also known as Easter Lilies or November Lily.

There are 2 flower petal cutters each with a matching veiner to mark the petals in a natural way as well as a former for shaping the flowers as they dry.

The flower cutters and their veiners each measure 110mm x 35mm and 110mm x 27mm and the former is approximately 75mm high with a diameter of about 35mm across the bottom tapering to about 10mm across the top.

Supplied in blister pack with full instructions.


Instructions and Tips for Use

This cutter set can be used for trumpet lilies in all your sugar flower arrangements. The former allows the petals to be supported in the trumpet shape until they have dried making it a quick and simple way of making these beautiful Longiflorum Lilies.