FMM Creative Leaf Cutters Set




Creative Leaf Cutters Set From FMM

This 4 piece Creative Leaf cutters set from FMM sugarcraft consists of 4 different cutters for making a variety of useful leaves.

3 sizes of cutter measure approx: 50mm, 60mm, 65mm and 80mm

Perfect for wired sugar displays and many other creative uses.

It includes: a rose leaf shape which is useful for various leaves such as elm, beech and others; simple leaf for various leaf and petals such as Poinsettia, orchid and many others; a leaf shape which is perfect for Chrysanthemum and similar leaves and a trilobed leaf which will make Ivy leaves, Clematis and others.


Instructions and Tips for Use

This set will make leaves for just sticking to the cake sides or you can shape them with a ball tool and vein, then dry over crumpled paper for a sprinkling of leaves on the cake top - I love this for Autumnal cakes. All of these leaf shapes can of course also be wired to be added to a variety of sugar flower and foliage displays.