Patchwork Cutters OPEN ROSE (Briar Rose)

Patchwork Cutters

SKU: PA100193
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Open Rose Cutter / Embosser

This is a pretty Open Rose cutter from Marion Frost's Patchwork cutter range. Perfect for all types of celebration cakes.

The Rose cutter measures 12.5cm x 6cm.


How to Use the Open Rose Cutter

Emboss directly onto the cake and then paint or cut out either as one piece or by applying a little more pressure to the cutter you can cut out in several sections allowing you to build up a 3d motif. As well as using as a single motif a number of the motifs could be cut and placed around the cake sides as a beautiful floral side decoration.

The recommended paste to use is Mexican paste which you can make yourself or can buy either as a ready to mix powder or as ready to use paste.

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