Mini Egg Mould - 30mm (18 halves)


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Mini Egg Mould From Culpitt

This mould is brilliant for moulding miniature chocolate Easter Eggs. This mould gives a crackled finish to Easter eggs and gives an easy release to chocolate mouldings.

Measurements: 30mm x 20mm (each impression) approx


Instructions and Tips for Use

For the best results wash and dry the mould and then polish well with cotton wool before filling with chocolate. If using chocolate couverture it is best to temper your chocolate well to prevent blooming and keep the chocolate crisp and shiny. Cooking chocolate does not need tempering before use.

To make fondant filled eggs pour in your chocolate and leave to set for a few minutes. Tip out the chocolate. Use a filling - sugarpaste mixed with mint flavour makes lovely minty eggs! - and pop a little into each impression and then top with more chocolate. Leave to set and then turn out. Use a hot palette knife to slightly melt the back of one impression and stick to another to form a whole egg. Little Easter egss with a surprise filling! mmmmm!