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SKU: PA101450

Extra Large Letter C Cutter

This EXTRA LARGE LETTER C cutter from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range is ideal for all birthday and anniversary cakes. Great for Monograms!
Also available in all 26 letters of the alphabet plus ampersand (&)

All letters measure approximately 9cm in height and vary slightly in width . The widest letters measure about 8cm across.

All Patchwork Cutters are completely food-safe and come with full instructions!


How to Use the Extra Large Letters

We recommend you use Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) with these cutters

On a lightly greased (we recommend TREX white cooking fat), non-stick board roll out your paste in your chosen colour.
Grease the cutter (again, with TREX), place onto the paste and press firmly.
Remove the cutter (we recommend using your fingernail to 'flick' it off) and then remove the surplus paste.

Leave the number to dry and then decorate as required or carefully stick straight onto the cake using edible glue. You also use it to emboss straight onto the cake surface (this needs to be done as soon after covering the cake as possible to get the best effect)

Ideal for standing on the top of tiered cakes or laying flat on a child's cake.
Faces of clowns, bears, fairies etc can be peeping around the letter.
Small balls of sugarpaste can be placed behind the dried letters to raise them from the surface of the cake (use water for sticking). Attach onto the cake whilst the balls are still soft.

Mexican Paste can be coloured with any of our 100% edible Sugarflair food colouring paste, or dust on your colour afterwards with our Sugarflair Blossom or Lustre dusts.

The paste can be textured with mats, pins or cutters before the letter is cut OR the letter can be decorated with paste flowers or DIY tools or similar, depending on the recipient. You could also paint the cut letter with Squires Edible Glue and cover with cake glitter though this should be removed before consumption.

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