FMM Wild Rose Cutter Set


SKU: PA103968

FMM Wild Rose Cutter Set

The Wild Rose Cutter Set from FMM includes 3 cutters for producing different sized flowers.

You can create beautiful open flowers including wild roses, rambling roses and fantasy flowers. The cutters are also good for making Christmas Roses.

Each cutter makes a single petal. This means that they are very versatile and can make very lifelike sugar flowers.

The Cutters measure approx 26, 21 and 17mm.


How to Use the FMM Wild Rose Cutter

Sugar Flower Paste is best for wired sugar flowers but if just setting the flowers onto your cake or cupcake you can use modelling paste if you prefer.

Cut out 5 petals for each flower and thin the edges. Place in a cupped former overlapping the petals slightly in the centre. Use edible glue to stick the petals in the centre.

A pre-made wired centre can be pulled through for wired sugar flowers while the petals are still flexible. Alternatively the centre can be modelled or piped.

Once dry the flower can be removed from the mould and positioned or arranged as required

The cutters can also be used with non edible mediums such as air drying clays etc as well as sugar flower pastes. Make sure that you wash your cutter well before use if changing from one to the other. Ideally a separate cutter should be used for edibles only.

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