FMM - Tappit Cutter - Pixel Upper Case Alphabet & Number Tappit Set



PIXEL - Upper Case Alphabet & Numbers Tappit Set

The Pixel Font upper case alphabet & Numbers Tappit set is from FMM. You get all 26 capital letters and numbers 0 - 9 to make pixelated lettering, perfect for computer cakes and many other novelty inscriptions..

FMM is a leading manufacturer and Sugarcraft cutter specialists. They have a fabulous reputation and also do a range of brilliant shape cutters for your cake, beautiful flower cutters, as well as this wonderful Tappit range!

Upper Case Alphabet: 20mm
All measurements are approximate.

Sold Brand New and in sealed packets!


Instructions and Tips for Use

Clean carefully before use using warm water. For best results we recommend using Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) or Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) on a non-stick board such as a Cel Board.

Roll out your paste thinly in a vertical strip on a non-stick board lightly greased with TREX to stop it sticking. Holding the sides of the cutter, place onto your paste horizontally and press firmly. 'Scrub' lightly with the cutter to ensure it cuts the shape fully.

Lift up the cutter, your shape should remain on the board - if your shape remains in the cutter you may lightly 'tap' it on the side of the work surface to release the shape (hence the name - Tappits!).

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