Culpitt Daisy Plunger Cutters - Set Of 4


SKU: PA102940

Set Of 4 Daisy Plunger Cutters From Culpitt

Create beautiful sugar daises for your cupcakes and celebration cakes with this specially designed plunger cutter. 

Cutters Measure Approximately
Plunger 1: 13mm
Plunger 2: 20mm
Plunger 3: 27mm
Plunger 4: 35mm

Plunger Cutters will easily cut, emboss and then eject the cut item from the tool.

Made of plastic, height 2"


Instructions and Tips for Use

Roll out your paste, cut the daisy shape without pressing the plunger. Then lift from the board and use plunger to eject the cut shape. 

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