Cake Star Push Easy Plunger Cutter Set - Shape Cutters


SKU: PA103772

Push Easy Plunger Cutter Set - Shape Cutters

The Cake Star Push Easy shapes plunger cutter set consists of 6 different plunger cutters cutters, most with a variety of shapes and sizes making a total of 12 cut shapes. Made from food safe plastic, these cutters are a quick and easy way of producing great shapes for loads of great sugarcraft uses!

The shapes on each plunger are shown in detail on the reverse of the box (please see the second image on the listing), however, please see a brief description of each below;

Cutter 1: Contains 3 sizes of circle (10mm, 15mm, 20mm)
Cutter 2: A large (50mm) circle with embossed finish. 
Cutter 3: A Large (45m) embossed heart with hollow center
Cutter 4: 3 Sizes of star (13mm, 20mm, 25mm)
Cutter 5: 3 Sizes of heart (10mm, 15mm, 20mm)
Cutter 6: A large (45mm) embossed star with hollow center

The set is in a storage box and comes with instructions for use.

Instructions and Tips for Use

Roll out your paste, cut the letter shape without pressing the plunger. Once cut lightly push the plunger to emboss the letter with the embossed edge, then lift from the board and use plunger to eject the cut shape. 

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