Cake Star Push Easy Plastic Script Plunger Cutter Set


SKU: PA104187

Cake Star Push Easy Plastic Script Plunger Cutter Set

The Cake Star Push Easy Script Alphabet plunger cutter set consists of 26 letter cutters from a to z and 3 symbols. Made from food safe plastic, these cutters are a quick and easy way of adding inscriptions and lettering to cakes, cupcakes and other goodies. Once cut out the plunger embosses an attractive embossed edge to your letter.

Please note, b & q, d & p and m & w, are the same letters. Just turn them upside down.

The Overall diameter of the plunger cutter is approx 60mm. The actual size of the letters vary in width from 50 - 25mm.

The set is in a storage box and comes with instructions for use.

Please refer to the top two lines of lettering on the example image to get a feel for letter size in reference to each other. 

Please see the example image on how the sizes of these lower case letters compare to each other. 

Instructions and Tips for Use

Roll out your paste, cut the letter shape without pressing the plunger. Once cut lightly push the plunger to emboss the letter with the embossed edge, then lift from the board and use plunger to eject the cut shape. 

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