Windsor Clikstix GROOVY Number Cutter


SKU: PA100761

Clikstix GROOVY Number Cutter

The Clikstix Groovy Number Cutter is manufactured by Windsor CakeCraft
This perfect numeral cutter set includes all the numbers from 0 - 9 in a fabulous gROOVY font, all on a convenient strip cutter with a fitted plunger ejector for easy release. The cutter comes in hygienic retail packaging complete with full instructions.

Along with the matching Clikstix Groovy font upper case and lower case they make inscriptions quick and easy. If you want all three cutters we have a great value special offer set available.

Windsor Clikstix cutters are made from food safe plastic and the approximate number size is 22mm high. The overall length of the strip is approx 23cm (230mm - 10"). 

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Instructions and Tips for Use

Clikstix alphabet and number cutters are useful for all sorts of cake decorations, plaques and other sugarcraft projects, and are wonderful on Cupcakes!

If you have ever struggled with getting paste out of your cutters this is the product for you (even if you haven't it's a great and easy cutter to use). Because each cutter has its own built in ejector you will never have to dig out those fiddly bits of paste again.

Simply roll out your paste to about 1-2mm thick on a non-stick board. Use a little icing sugar or cornflour to prevent sticking. Press the Clikstix down firmly - make sure you only hold the sides and do not press the ejector at this point or it will flatten the letter before you have cut it out. Give the cutter a bit of a scrub on your board to make sure the paste is completely cut through.

Lift the cutter with the shapes still in (if one or two fall out - no problem saves the ejection!) and then press down on the ejector to let the cut shapes drop out. Quick and simple but it does take a bit of practice to get your paste thickness right.

We recommend you use either SFP Flower Paste or Modelling Gum Paste as ordinary sugarpaste tends to stick. You can also use up to a 50:50 mix of gumpaste to sugarpaste.

You can also try making modelling paste yourself by adding Gum Tragacanth to Sugarpaste, kneading well and leaving airtight for a couple of hours.

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