PME Impression Tools - DIAMOND Side Design LARGE Embossing Mat



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This impression mat from PME Sugarcraft is in a LARGE Diamond Design.

305mm x 150mm (6" x 12") - 1mm thick

Each individual diamond measures approx. 55mm (5.5cm) x 37.5mm (3.75cm), 2¼" x 1½"

Don't be fooled by cheap copies, these genuine PME products will last and last!

Instructions and Tips for Use

It's made from food safe plastic and can be used with a wide variety of modelling and covering pastes including Sugarpaste, Marzipan, Mexican paste and craft clays.

Either side of the reversible mat can be used to create a pattern with either raised or embossed diamonds. It is flexible to allow use on curved tops and sides.

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