Patchwork Cutters


Fruit and Utensils Cutter Set

This Fruit and Utensils cutter set is from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range and consists of lots of small cutters which can be used individually as cutters or embossers.

They include 15 different cutters including chefs hat and equipment and a selection of fruits and cuts of meat including chicken and ham.


How to Use the Fruit and Utensils Cutter set

Use alone or combine with the vegetable cutters a very impressive cake can be made for cooks and chefs.

As with all Patchwork cutters this is very versatile and can be used in many different ways. Emboss directly onto the cake and then paint or cut out.

The various small fruit motifs could be used along with the wheelbarrow cutter for a fabulous cake top for gardeners or small cupcakes or buns could be decorated with different motifs for a food theme.

The recommended paste to use is Mexican paste which you can make yourself or can buy either as a ready to mix powder or as ready to use paste.

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