Cupcake Toppers Edible Handmade Blue Teddy Bear Faces




Set Of 12 Handmade Blue Teddy Bear Face Cupcake Toppers

Each pack contains 12 pieces, half with a mainly blue face and half with a mainly white. This will add a little variety to your bakes. 

This retail pack of tiny blue pipings is from Culpitt, the leading manufacturer of quality cake decoration products. They are 100% edible and individually hand piped in Royal Icing. 

Each decoration measures approximately 28mm.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Bake your cupcakes as per your recipe.

Sit your edible topper onto the icing before it dries.

Accept all the compliments for 'your' intricate handmade cake decorations!!



Confectionery Sugar, Cornstarch, Egg Albumen, Colours-E132