Couverture - Belgian Dark Chocolate - 1kg Pack

Squires Kitchen

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Couverture - Belgian Dark Chocolate 1kg Pack

This 1 Kg pack of Squires Kitchen Dark Couverture chocolate is of the highest quality with a high cocoa solid content making it perfect for all types of chocolate work. It has a great taste and needs tempering to produce the shine and snap of high gloss chocolate. Great discount price.

Full instructions for tempering are on the back of the pack.

The Belgian dark chocolate couverture is perfect for Easter eggs, chocolates and makes ganache and buttercream taste truly scrummy!

Instructions and Tips for Use

 When using the chocolate for moulded chocolate products make sure that it is tempered before use so that it creates the perfect high gloss finish.

Do not overheat or get moisture into the chocolate when melting.


Cocoa Mass; Sugar; Cocoa Butter; Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin; Natural Flavouring. Cocoa solids 53% minimum. 

Store at 12 - 20°C.

May contain traces of nuts

Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free. 

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