Cake Star - Palette Knife - Straight Blade 4 Inch (100mm)


SKU: PA103647

Cake Star - Palette Knife - Straight Blade 4 Inch (100 mm)

The 4" straight blade palette knife is from the Cake Star range of palette knives. The Cake Star palette knives have stainless steel blades with fused plastic handles for excellent comfort grip and ease of hygienic cleaning.

This 100 mm blade is perfect for covering and filling cupcakes. 

Instructions and Tips for Use

This smaller blade is perfect for cupcakes allowing you to smooth buttercream or frosting with perfect control.

It can also be used for colouring royal icing for piping etc. If you put a small amount of royal icing onto a clean white tile, use a cocktail stick to add the colour and then paddle down with the palette knife until the icing is evenly coloured and free from bubbles. This will make piping much easier and less likely to break.

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