Karen Davies Moulds - Reindeer Faces

Karen Davies



Reindeer Faces Cup Cake Topper Moulds From Karen Davies

This is a high quality mould made of flexible silicon, manufactured by Karen Davies.
This mould is suitable for use with a huge range of pastes including flower paste, modelling paste or marzipan. 

There are 3 different sized Reindeer faces as well as antlers & hooves to match.

Measurements: Reindeer face Sizes are between: 40mm and 25mm

Instructions and Tips for Use

This is a great Christmas mould. Perfect for producing cute reindeers for either cupcakes or full sized Christmas and celebration cakes. 

Simply apply a small amount of cornflower to the mould (to provide an easy release once complete) then push in a pre rolled ball of paste or marzipan. 

For further information on this type of mould please see the following YouTube video created by Karen Davies;