JEM Angel Snowflake Cutters - Set of 4


SKU: PA102010

Angel Snowflake Cutters - Set of 4

This SNOWFLAKE Cutter Set from JEM has 4 separate cutters for a set of detailed snowflakes in different patterns. Brilliant for Christmas cakes and cupcakes. They can be used as embossers or cutters. Cut out the snowflakes and leave them to dry for a beautiful 3D snowflake effect.

Each snowflake cutter measures approximately 40mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Dust or paint with lustre colours for a sparkly finish - my particular favourite is the Sugarflair Snowflake lustre colour.

The best paste to use for these shapes is Mexican Modelling Paste which you can buy ready made from Squires Kitchen or you can make it yourself. This is firmer to work with and rolls out much more finely than ordinary sugarpaste so is less likely to stick in the cutters.

Roll out your paste very thinly. A little Trex or cornflour will help prevent the paste from sticking.

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