Culpitt White Plastic Dowel 12" - SINGLE


SKU: PA102533

12 Inch Plastic Cake Dowels From Culpitt

These cake dowels are made from food grade plastic and are completely food safe. Each dowel measures 12" long but can easily be cut to size with a knife or dowel cutters. 

Instructions and Tips for Use

Position your dowels into your cake, making sure that you push down firmly, and mark with a food safe pen. Remove from the cake and find the dowel which needs to be the longest. Cut all the dowels to the longest length - all dowels need to be equal length to ensure a level finish.

If using your dowels with pillars you will need to do the same and then place the pillar over the dowel. Mark in the same way and again cut all dowels to the longest length before pushing back into the cake. Upper tiers can then be safely rested on the doweled pillars.

We recommend washing before use using boiling water to ensure hygiene before placing into your cake. A wipe over at the last minute with isopropyl alcohol will really make sure that the dowel is completely clean.

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