ROUND Cut Edge Cake Boards - Pack of 5 - Choose Size

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ROUND Cut Edge Cake Cards - Pack of 5

Pack of 5 round cut edge boards in sizes from 3" to 12" at a great value discount price. Manufactured in the UK by Culpitt from food safe materials. The top is covered with silver fern pattern foil and the base and edges are uncovered card board - hence the name 'cut-edge'. 

Choose your size.

Various Widths from 3" to 12" (76 mm to 305mm) diameter x 5 cards
Thickness - approx 1 - 1.8mm 

All measurements are approximate

The cards are suitable for cakes gateaux and torten. They are only single thick and are therefore flexible and not strong enough for heavy cakes.

Because these are thin card they can also be cut with strong scissors or a craft knife, should you require an unusual shape.


Instructions and Tips for Use

As well as for gateaux and tortes, cut edge cards are perfect as a support board for stacked cakes (not tiered). If using in this way it is best to use a card the same size and shape as the cake it will support.

Place under the cake onto a rough board and then cover your cake with marzipan and icing as desired.

This can then be lifted with the card onto the lower cake. In this way you will protect the cake covering below but will not see the card as it is covered by the side icing - a perfect finish!

Dowels can be placed into the lower cake if required to give an even better support to your stacked cake.

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