OBLONG Cut Edge Boards - 10 x 5 inch

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SKU: PA102700

10 x 5 Inch Cut-Edge Cake Board 

One single 10 x 5 rectangular cut edge board manufactured in the UK by Culpitt from food safe materials. The top is covered with silver fern pattern foil and the base and edges are uncovered card board - hence the name 'cut-edge'.

Width - 10 x 5 Inch
Thickness - approx 1 - 1.8mm

Available as:

  • Single Board
  • Pack of 5 Boards
  • Pack of 10 Boards
  • Pack of 25 Boards 

Instructions and Tips for Use

This board is the perfect size to display small cakes. However it's often purchased to use with deserts such as chocolate logs. A very popular item over the Christmas period! 

Because these are thin card they can also be cut with strong scissors or a craft knife, should you require an unusual shape.

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