Christmas Cake Box - Log Box (8" x 4" x 4")

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Christmas Yule Log Box 

Each colourful Christmas design box is a perfect size for Yule Log Xmas Cakes. The boxes are printed with a Christmas scene of Silver and Red with white Christmas trees, snowflakes and stars and fold into a box 4" deep with an acetate window to show off your beautiful cakes to their best advantage.

Boxes are shipped flat, just slot the tabs in to build the box. Very easy to fold.

Approximate measurements of the built box: 204mm long x 102mm high x 102mm deep (8" x 4" x 4")


Instructions and Tips for Use

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a yummy chocolate Yule Log! This box is perfect for your cake and the viewing window means it can be shown off and also kept free from dust or pests (or children!).

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