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Patchwork Cutters

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Nursery Building Blocks

The Nursery Building Blocks Cutter is from Marion Frost's Patchwork Cutter range. You can use this set to quickly make children's toy blocks for Baby cakes.

The set contains the cutter to cut out all 6 sides of the block at one time. There are also four mini cutters to add decoration to the brick sides including a sailing boat, bunny, chick and flower. There is also a styrofoam block to use as a former.

The finished block measures approx 38mm (1½ inches) square.  

The cutters are made from food safe plastic.

The pack includes full instructions for use.

You can get extra blocks from Partyanimalonline.

How to Use the Nursery Building Blocks Cutter

Roll out your modelling paste thinly and cut out the decoration that you want to attach. Paint the details with edible food colours and set aside.

Roll out paste and cut out the blocks. 

Fix the paste to the polystyrene block with edible glue being careful not to lose the edge detail. 

To finish fix the decorations to the block sides.

Alternatively you can make the block and while the paste is still soft emboss the sides with the mini cutters. Paint the details with edible paints.

Watch the video for more hints and tips.

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