ORCHARD PRODUCTS Flower Swan Cutter & Mould Set

Orchard Products

SKU: PA102648

OP Flower Swan Set (SW1 -SW5)

The Orchard Products Flower Swan cutter and mould set includes all the equipment needed to make a beautiful swan cake topper which can then be filled with flowers. Brilliant for cake toppers for weddings, anniversary or birthdays. 

The OP Swan set consists of 5 pieces - 2 moulds and 3 cutters.

  • SW1 and SW2 wing cutters measure 70 x 45 mm and 60 x 40 mm.
  • SW3 feather cutters measure 50 x 8 mm
  • SW4 texture mould for wings and feathers measures 85 x 70 mm
  • SW5 mould for the head and neck measures 50 x 20 mm and is a double mould to make a 3D swan neck.

Full instructions are included.

The cutters are plastic and the moulds are silicone.

Instructions and Tips for Use

 You need to use gum paste to make this swan topper. Either Mexican Paste, gum modelling paste or flower paste is perfect.

Use a little trex or cornflour to prevent sticking. 

Dry the wings and tail feathers in a curved former for the best results.

Leave to dry completely before wiring together.

Dust with pearl white lustre dust for a beautiful finish.

Fill with small wired flowers for a spectacular centrepiece. Or alternatively model a swan body and texture then build the wings and tail around it for a more realistic swan figurine.

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