FMM Princess Carriage Cutters - Set of 2




FMM Princess Carriage Cutters - Set of 2

The Princess carriage cutter set is perfect for fairytale cakes and cupcakes. The set contains cutters to make 2 sizes of carriage. The larger carriage can be used to create a beautiful princess cake topper and the smaller carriage is the ideal size for cupcakes or side decorations.

Cutter Sizes

Carriage Cutter Strip;
Large Carriage: 82mm x 76mm
Small Carriage: 42mm x 47mm
Wheel Cutter Strip;
Large Cart Wheel (with spokes) : 35mm x 35mm
Small Cart Wheel (with spokes) : 18mm x 18mm
Circle/ Plain Wheel Cutter: 35mm x 35mm

 The cupcakes in the image also contain toppers made from the FMM Childs Play tappit set (slipper and crown) and the Fairytale Motif cutter set (horse, wand, dress and castle).

Instructions and Tips for Use

Tips Video;

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