Culpitt Double Veiner - Orchid Petal / Sepal - 70 x 42mm


SKU: PA101718

Orchid Petal Flower Veiner From Culpitt

This Orchid Sepal/ Petal Double Veiner set is made by Culpitt who are tried and tested leaders in their field. It is made from high quality, food-safe silicone material. 

This veiner offers a good quality and value for money double sided veiner for Orchid Petals and Sepals. It gives a great impression onto your sugar flowers and does not stick.

This Orchid veiner can also be used for Lily Leaves.

All Culpitt veiners feature a special groove which allows easy insertion of your wires.

These Double Petal Veiners measure 70mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

The perfect paste to use with these cutters is flower paste as it can be rolled very finely and dries hard. You can make your own or can use ready made flower pastes. SFP from Squires Kitchen is my personal favourite as it is consistent and elastic and dries to a fine finish. Squires Sugar Flower Paste is available in a range of colours, or you could colour it yourself using Sugarflair food colours for greater colour control. 

To finish your creation dust with Blossom, Craft or Lustre dust, to give natural shading and texture to your finished sugar flowers.

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