Isomalt Ready Tempered - Silver Sparkle 125g Pack

Squires Kitchen

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Isomalt Silver Sparkle 125g Pack 

 This 125g pack of Isomalt is produced by Squires Kitchen. It has a silver sparkle colour. It is ready tempered so you simply have to melt in the microwave and use - really quick and simple!

Isomalt is a sugar substitute which contains 50% less calories than normal sugar. It can be used for many decorations that boiled sugar is used for but because it is less soluble than ordinary sugars it is much more stable and will last longer than similar sugar products.

Isomalt can be used for moulding, pulling and blowing to produce elaborate and impressive sugar decorations for cakes, biscuits and patisserie. When melted and poured it gives a stained glass style look to biscuit centres. It can also be used to mould gems, glass slippers and may other fabulous products.

Instructions and Tips for Use 

  • Place the isomalt pieces into a microwaveable bowl 
  • Melt in the microwave in 30 second bursts until the isomalt becomes fluid.
  • Stir gently until the bubbling has stopped and then use to mould your creations.
  • It can also be poured onto a suitable surface (eg marble) and pulled, shaped or blown as you would with boiled sugar.
  • You can add colouring to the Isomalt

Take great care as this product reaches very high temperatures.

Squires Kitchen Isomalt is also available precoloured and you can find the full range here

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100% Isomalt; Colour: E171, E555.

May contain traces of nuts. Warning, product exceeds temperatures of 180 degrees centigrade when melted! Handle with care. 

Suitable for vegetarians. 

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