12 Sweet Ideas for Valentines Day

12 Sweet Ideas for Valentines Day

I’ve aimed these quick fun tutorials for the last minute romantic… If Valentine’s has sneaked up on you this year it’s still not too late to grab the red food colour out the cupboard and knock something rather awesome together.

If you are a regular caker you will already have most of the bit in…if your not we have fast next day delivery and there’s always the supermarket – just don’t buy that cheap nasty red food colour, go to your local cake specialists to sort you out!


1: Choco Toppers – We’ve used the easy Choco Writers to create these, they are so easy and convenient. Boil the kettle, pop your choco write in the water to melt, then pipe. Check out our blog on how to use them HERE. 

12 Sweet Ideas for Valentines Day

2: Ombre Valentines Cake – Using a good red food colour you can create an easy ombre effect in layers, this will require you baking three separate layers. Start by splitting your cake mix into three parts…then add the red to achieve three different depths. Top tip use a quality professional food colour that’s bake stable otherwise your cake may end up being a wash out! I highly recommend Rainbow Dust ProGel Red. 


3: Easy Rose Toppers – All you’ll need is the piping tube that you used to create your buttercream swirl! Simple! Check our full tutorial out HERE.valentines_tutorial

4: Bring the Milkshake – Cute chocolate cupcakes with a little pink buttercream and a sprinkling of icing sugar! You can even finish the scene off with these awesome Pink Swirl Straws!


5: Go Classy – Try this awesome Pistachio & Rose Cupcake recipe that has a fabulous 4 star review at the timing of writing. Get the full recipe by GoodToKnow.

12 Sweet Ideas for Valentines Day

6: Go BIG: I love this idea using plastic cups to keep your awesome cupcake display in place… follow our number 7 and then add them to your newly made cupcake bouquet holder!


7. Red Rose Cupcakes – Time to make these and put them in your Cupcake Bouquet…beats traditional flowers any day, although traditional flowers would definitely last longer in my house! Get our full Recipe and Tutorial.

Heart Cake Tutorial on 12 sweet idea for Valentines Day

8: Make Your Heart Complete – No tin, no worries! We have the solution above for your sweet Valentine!

Red Velvet Recipe

9: Red Velvet – Here’s a good excuse to make Red Velvet Cakes! Top Tip…use Red Extra by Sugarflair or another quality brand so it doesn’t fade to pink in the baking process.


10: Surprise Heart Cake – Whether it’s cupcakes or a larger cake this is a really cool idea… make the pink cake first and fully bake and once cooled, cut the hearts and and place them in the centre of the raw cake mix. This will look awesome! Guaranteed!

Valentines Lips Tutorial

11: Kissable! – Not just kissable but completely edible. We have the full free tutorial to give these smooch-able lips a go and all your need is a bit of pink sugarpaste!


12: Ruffle Heart Cake – Yeah, you got me! I lied on this one…it will take a while and by a while I mean around 4 hours to decorate it! BUT it looks awesome doesn’t it!


I hope you enjoyed our 12 Sweet Ideas for Valentines Day this year…and if you are only reading it a week on…well think how much prep you have in time for next year!

Happy Valentine’s lovelies!

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