Back in the South

It was great being back up in the North this week and a very busy time it was too both for Partyanimalonline work and for pleasure.

On the pleasure side I managed to spend time with family and friends which included eating out at the Red Fort in Lytham and at the Oxford in Manchester (and in at mum’s!) and a trip to Manchester to see Brand New at the Academy – a favourite band for Steph and I – and what a good gig it was too!

On the business side it was avery productive meeting which saw us looking at some fantastic new products which should be hitting the online shop in the next couple of weeks. As a sneak prieview we are planning on adding more Jem cutters and some more stuff for the flower makers amongst you. We also agreed on the new look for the website, shop and indeed this blog! My personal bit of excitement! Can’t wait to get started on it. I’ll let you know more about the actual products once they are on their way!

I have now returned to Gloucester with a very noisy car which is as we speak having it’s brakes seen to. Hopefully that will see it on for a month or two until I can sort out a new one. It arrived back in Glos sounding like a bag of spanners! But hopefully by the end of today it should be considerably better.

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