Rain Again

A lovely day yesterday when we were able to get the bikes out and cycle down to the pub for a quick drink and (believe it or not and extremely sadly) a game or two of dominoes! Which I would like to point out as a good Northern girl I did beat the Southern competition!

"The Ship"Across the canal at the Ship Inn


But as for today…RAIN! So back on the computer though I am hoping to take my new walking boots for a test drive – though in this weather it may just be down to the local garden centre rather than over the hills!

Can’t wait for later in the week when Steph and Pete arrive for a couple of days relaxation. Plus of course the trip to Farnham for the Squires Kitchen Sugarpaste show. If it’s half as good as the one at the NEC we should see some fab cakes and hopefully some nice new products to bring back to Party Animal Online. I will of course give the update after the show! Hopefully Partyanimalonline will manage without Steph on the messages for a day or two though if I know her she will be unable to leave them to it and will be logging on from down here to check that all’s well! At least when Ant and Claire come down he manages to get a bit more of a break as fortunately for him the work of keeping an eye on the offices and dispatch can’t be done from here! (Although I suspect that he wishes that it could be!)



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